Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Continuum Motion Pictures Delivers Over 30 Titles to DVD

Continuum Motion Pictures CEO Danny Torres negotiated a deal in late 2016 that would begin to place many of its titles on DVD. These titles began distribution with the first title being Continuum's own in-house production "Taught in Cold Blood" hitting the online stores of Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble. Shortly following the release of "Taught in Cold Blood" Continuum Motion Pictures delivered three films which released in June 2017, these titles included "Through the Looking Glass" a U.K. horror film, "Turtle Hill Brooklyn" a LGBT comedy about relationships and a birthday party request, and "The Worst Movie Ever!!!" a comedy that takes you back to silly slap stick nature of Scifi comedy.  These titles are currently available online on DVD at Walmart, Amazon, Target,  Best Buy and Barnes & Noble. Some strictly online sites such as DVD Planet also offer the titles.  Next on the list of titles to be distributed are "Harvest Moon" an amazing slasher film in the American tradition, "Ares 11" a hard core Scifi and the Continuum Motion Pictures release of "Taught in Cold Blood".

Other titles have been recently released on VOD/DVD directly from Amazon include the zombie film "Survivors", the demon based horror film which can be found on ContinuumVOD,  "P.O.V." which is on DVD on Amazon and three collections of short films on Amazon, "Continuum Presents: The Zombie Collection," "Continuum Presents: The Drama Collection" and "Continuum Presents: The Horror Collection" which includes the short film "Date Night" which stars Joel Murray. "Date Night" was directed by Joe Charbanic who directed "The Watcher" starring Keanu Reeves, which went on to go to #1 in the Box Office when it was released.

Continuum Motion Pictures has also released "Tres Marias" on DVD through Amazon which is a noir drama from Costa Rica. Continuum has a love for films from around the world, later DVD releases will include other films from around the world. Continuum Motion Pictures current release schedule has the company delivering multiple films to DVD through October 2017. Many of its titles are currently available on DVD. Please check out Continuum Motion Pictures directly to see where the films you love can be found.

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