Thursday, July 11, 2013

Independent low budget film Johnny Ghost secures North American Distribution

Independent Australian film Johnny Ghost secures North American Distribution

Continuum Motion Pictures is in the News with the distribution of Johnny Ghost. This is very exciting for the Continuum Producers Danny Torres, Jason Durdon and James Duval. We believe in independent film and feel that the world wishes more selection in their movies, not less.

Johnny Ghost is a wonderful independent film from Australia. It has been seen in festivals around the world and will soon be released by Continuum Motion Pictures and MCTV through Entertainment Ones (eOne) platforms here in North America.

Synopsis Millicent, a professional musician and lecturer, recites to remove her tattoo, only to vein experiencing ghost from her past.

The film stars the amazing: Anni Finsterer and was directed by Donna McRea

Continuum Motion Pictures makes it a point to support women filmmakers globally. It is wonderful when a film comes along that say something. Donna McRea is a rising star and we are honored to be releasing her film Johnny Ghost.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Danny Torres Continuum Motion Pictures - A Response

Danny Torres Continuum Motion Pictures

In 2004 a small company in the San Francisco Bay area began pre-production on a an indiefilm called Wrestling Days. It was the project in which many of the future partners of Continuum Pictures would first meet each other. Danny was twenty at the time and attending Berkeley at the time. 

He had initially been invited by fellow student to participate as an extra in the movie. He attended their weekly wrestling trainings and slowly became involved. When production began he was working behind the camera as a PA assisting the writer/director Dan Albracht.

The Producer for the project James Duval noticed his efforts and suggested to the team that he should be given the title that went with the level of work he was doing. Shortly there after he was promoted to producer in charge, and thus took over the duties of the project. 

In early 2005 the project wrapped to an amazing low micro budget and impressed not only the Company that had initiated the project, but  all those who have seen it. It is an amazing production job, with high school wrestling tournaments, costuming, large cast and a list of locations that are impossible to obtain. 

It was then decided by the partnership that was IIE at the time, that they had found what they had been looking for, a young writer/director/producer who had vision beyond independent film.  By mid-2005 Danny was placed at the head of the company, and a team that had worked for nearly 11 years together. 

In October 2005 after a series of meetings with the partnership of IIE, Danny made the decision that growth of our company was not truly possible in the Bay Area. Continuum Pictures was formed with Danny Torres at its help and a decision to move the entire company to Los Angeles at the first of the year in 2006.

What made Danny unique to other filmmakers the team had worked with, was Danny’s ability to put aside his own aspirations as a filmmaker and help others. He has helped filmmakers make their first movies, assisted in post production on films that are stuck, rescued projects that have failed. 

As with any endeavor that you take seriously in life, along the way you meet people you want to work with, who suddenly turn into different people. We at Continuum Pictures have had this happen along the way. This happens especially in this day of internet, where so many people can post anything they want without apparent risk of consequences. This has happened to Danny Torres and the Continuum Pictures team. There are those who would begin their attack on a young filmmaker simply because he has told them no, or stepped away, when the person becomes abusive. This is what happens. Unfortunately along with the privilege of free speech, comes those who would abuse it. One person pretending to be many has done so. We do know who he is. It makes us sad.

Danny has done no harm to anyone. He is a filmmaker who has struggled to make his movies and to make others. His track record is impeccable, having taken a small company in Oakland, California, to the Paramount Studios, lot and then even further with building the relationships that have taken Continuum Motion Pictures to the lead in independent film distribution. In 2013 Mano a Mano the Danny Torres directed feature begins its journey through festivals. It has already been chosen to be the only features screened at an up coming festival in August. 

Additionally the Danny Torres written/produced feature Cider Springs Slaughter is already slated to begin is theatrical run in the fall/winter 2013. 

Continuum Motion Pictures and its friends are proud of working with Danny Torres and can make a bold statement about any and all things written about him by this one individual. He has harmed no one, makes movies, is socially responsible and has made the creative efforts and rights of women around the world his priority. 

Continuum Pictures does not respond within the links of the Rip Off Report as it is simply and organization that allows anyone to post anything they want without repudiations or responsibility. Responding simply feeds what we feel is a mafia like financial grab, as they also advertise on their site “partner companies" that will fix your reputation. 

It has been the policy of Danny Torres and Continuum Motion Pictures to not respond to anything written in these reports. Such responses are not actually necessary in the adult world. It is our belief that the our work, our history, our distribution platforms and the many films we have done and and are distributing answer every necessary question. We have found that those who have chosen not to work with us because of these writings, nearly always return.

Continuum Motion Pictures is proud of its name, its history and what it is doing. We are especially proud to work with Danny Torres.