Thursday, February 25, 2016

Seconds Out HD on VOD From Continuum Motion Pictures

Barney "Rubble" Graham is a hopeless boxer picked from obscurity to fight for the heavyweight championship of the word and miraculously wins. Six months later, he is hiding from a crime lord for not throwing the fight, battling debt collectors trying to reposes his TV, and trying to please his short-tempered wife.
Written and Directed by Colin Newell
Starring Colin Newell, Niall Phillips, Danny Erskine, Danny Howard
Iron Baggy Productions

Friday, February 12, 2016

Rocks Paper Scissors Trailer HD

Police Detective Joseph, a former marine, is a rising star in the department. When a series of murders are uncovered, executed with military precision, Joseph is handed the case. The killers are a group of mercenaries called, "The Squad," and they share a shocking connection with Joseph: They're all former members of the same elite military unit. Joseph soon realizes he's hunting his former squad mates and questions of loyalty versus duty plague every step of his investigation. And while he uncovers a web of contract killings and corrupt cops, Joseph cannot escape the haunting feeling that this mission will only end in a bloody showdown between himself and the men who used to be brothers in arms.

Directed by Gregory Nalbandian
On VOD Continuum Motion Pictures

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sirens HD - Zombies


In a zombie filled world, two traveling bandits use coercion and violence to obtain the only two things that matter - food and bullets. Their plans go awry when they encounter eery man's weakness - beautiful women.

Directed by Jason Durdon and Danny Torres

Continuum Motion Pictures

Available on VOD

On VOD: Sirens

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Continuum Motion Pictures Releases "A Man Called Nereus" on VOD

Continuum Motion Pictures 02/01/2016
A Man Called Nereus

Directed by:  Nathan Hill

Struggling actor Keith Taylor decides to kidnap the Mob’s most prized possession, Nereus “The Brain” an autistic genius who can predict the outcome of sporting events through time travel. However Nereus is much more than a savant and has plans of his own. With an eclectic group of villains on their heels Nereus and Keith must weave through a world of madness and get to Old Mexico where Nereus can find the answers to his past.

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